Throughout his career in public office, Eric Skrmetta has always focused on listening to his constituents and working to address their needs. To accomplish and maintain these goals, he…

      • Authored a new order that significantly impacts the quality of service provided by taxicab companies throughout Louisiana. The order imposed new standards and registration regulations on cab and limousine companies and drivers, all designed to improve passengers’ experience and safety. (Jan 3, 2012)
      • Convinced the water and wastewater utility company Utilities, Inc. to accept payments at local Wal-Mart stores, saving customers postage costs and time. (Feb 9, 2012)
      • Obtained information from CLECO regarding the installation of Smart Meters in LPSC District 1, in response to constituent requests. According to CLECO, any Smart Meter installed in LPSC District 1 is part of a voluntary pilot program offered to local customers. Participation in this program is completely optional and no Smart Meters will be installed without prior customer approval. (April 11, 2012)
      • Supported AT&T in a plan to provide consumers with white pages directories only upon request, eliminating over-printing and providing a cost-savings to the company that benefits consumers. (April – May 2012)
      • Actively warned citizens and assisted the victims of two utility scams that were perpetrated against consumers. (May 11, 2012)
      • Voted to join the Midwest Independent Service Organization (MISO), a movement towards a method of regionalized management of transmission of electricity and towards greater participation in a free-market approach to the purchase of electrical power. The proposed integration into MISO will help consumers save greater on their utility bills. (May 25, 2012)
      • Supervised the first major electricity transmission project in decades at its completion in Acadiana, LA. The completion of this project improves efficiency of delivery of electricity to ratepayers and ends the threat of blackouts and interruption of electrical service during peak demand periods. (May 29, 2012)
      • Fought to make Entergy issue refunds to Louisiana customers in the form of credits ranging from $16 to $23, spread out over the seven-month period. Entergy delayed implementing an ‘equalization remedy’ in 2005, which resulted in more than $70 million in refunds. The average user will have a monthly refund of $3.42. (June 27, 2012)
      • Saved ratepayers over $4 billion.
      • Stopped costly proposed federal regulations like Cap and Trade to protect ratepayers from increases.
      • Oversaw the development of new power plants to help improve Louisiana’s energy efficiency.
      • Oversaw utility company emergency preparedness plans to help accelerate the return from power outages.
      • Encouraged utility companies to enhance pre-storm preparations like tree trimming and more.
      • Fought unwarranted storm recovery charges requested by utility providers.
      • Worked to expand residential solar without across-the-board ratepayer subsidies.
      • Improved water systems across the district.
      • Demanded transparency by showing line item costs on utility bills.
      • Promoted putting more telephone field technicians on the job to improve and speed telephone repair work.
      • Worked to encourage new gas pipeline infrastructure.
      • Imposed tougher restrictions on railroads at crossings.
      • Protected prision telephone monitoring systems to keep criminals from being able to use telecommunications to threaten witnesses or direct new crimes.
      • Elected twice to serve as Chairman of PSC.
      • Represented Louisiana on the Entergy Regional State Committee.
      • Served on the Board of Directors of the Mid-Continent Independent Service Organization.
      • Served on high-powered committees on the National Association of Regulatory and Utility Commissioners.
      • Fought to stop additional federal unfunded mandates from the EPA that would cost Louisiana ratepayers tens of billions of dollars.
      • As a utility ratepayer, you were once charged for the Executive Benefits of a utility company’s top brass. Eric put an end to that … saving ratepayers millions.
      • Eric led the fight to reduce a utility’s return on equities. Essentially he capped utility corporate profits and saved us millions.
      • Refinancing bonds, issuing their own bonds at 1/3 bank rates and denying unwarranted storm recovery costs are two additional ways Eric has stood on the side of consumers.

But, the best accomplishment by Commissioner Eric Skrmetta is that he helped Louisiana drop past 27 other states so that we now pay the lowest utility rates in the nation. That’s leadership.

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