Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Eric Skrmetta (R-Dist. 1) said heightened publicity about  solar and other alternative forms of energy is a positive step for Louisiana’s consumers, but said those interested in installing such systems at their homes should gather important information before proceeding with purchases.

“In recent months, there have been numerous news articles and broadcast stories about the benefits of solar energy, and I’m happy to see consumers exploring alternative energy options,” Skrmetta said.  “I’d like to recommend that consumers contact their existing electric service providers before proceeding to ensure they’re eligible to participate in valuable programs that ensure solar energy is truly cost-saving for them.”

Skrmetta said under existing regulations, some energy providers may not be eligible to participate in programs that benefit consumers who install solar systems.

“I’m working with LPSC staff and colleagues to devise a solution to this problem so more consumers can take advantage of cost-saving, alternative-energy programs, and I support the exploration of these initiatives and their viability for both providers and consumers.  I’d hate to see homeowners invest heavily in solar energy equipment only to discover the effort and investment are not beneficial for them.”

More information about Skrmetta and the LPSC is available online at, and constituents can also follow and communicate with Skrmetta on his Facebook page, “Commissioner Eric Skrmetta, LPSC.”


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