Public Service Commission Chairman Eric Skrmetta (R-Dist. 1) has instructed Commission staff to develop guidelines for implementing a statewide “Do Not Text” list for consumers.

The concept will be modeled after the LPSC’s “Do Not Call” list, which allows consumers to prohibit telemarketers from making unsolicited calls to their homes, offices or cell phones.

“In recent years, many of us have turned to text-messaging for easy and rapid communication,” Skrmetta said.  “As with almost all new technologies, marketers and advertisers have adapted their methods to employ new innovations.  The results have included thousands of unwanted text messages to the cell phones of people with no interest in the products or services being marketed.  Some cellular consumers do not have unlimited text messaging plans, and receiving these messages costs them money.  It’s more than a nuisance – although it is definitely that; rather, it is a means of sending unwanted solicitations and advertising to consumers who have to pay for it themselves.”

Public Service Commission staff will bring a draft Do Not Text policy to the full Commission in the coming months.